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Have you ever wondered how ITE Law works and how is it becoming one of the most talked about topic for the past 2 years?🧐
The freedom of speech in Indonesia has been the talk of the town for the past few years, especially that the new ITE legislation has been caused controversies in several occasions, including in the academia🗣

The effectivity of the use of the ITE law has been questioned since it might overlap with human rights act to express their opinion or giving positive criticism.
In our TAMU part 13, we will be discussing about freedom of speech specifically in academic setting👀

Don’t miss this interesting discussion by Mr.Asrul S.T., M.Sc., on his perspective on Indonesia’s academic freedom. Do you think Indonesia has it? Come to TAMU 13 to discuss together!🧠👊

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🗓 : Saturday, January 22nd 2021
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