Springnation 2018 has been successfully held by PPIA Deakin Uni at the Melbourne City Conference Centre on Saturday, September 8th, 2018. Springantion is an annual sports competition held by PPIA Deakin. This year’s Springnation was different because it’s the first time for Springnation to have an award night.

This event started with the student performances and a speech by the representative of Indonesia Consulate General Mr. Prima, and continued with the speech of the president of PPIA Deakin University and the Project Manager of Springnation 2018.

There are several students performances, such as AAA, Ajoy, and Klaudspirits. Singing performance by Irene and dance performance by People’s Face, which made the event full of music.

Then, there are awarding session for the winner of Springnation’s sports competition, such as soccer, badminton (men’s and mixed doubles), esports (FIFA and Dota 2), and basketball.

After that, the most awaited performance of the guest star : Wira Setianegara and Dodit Mulyanto. Which each performed a stand-up comedy. During his session, Dodit Mulyanto did a stand-up comedy on his first time travel to Melbourne. He also asked one of the audience to do a duet with him, they sang Yura Yunita’s song Cinta dan Rahasia. The guest stars made the audience laughed during their performances.

After the guest star’s performance, then Klaudspirits took the stage again with their performances, and the audience had the chance to take a photo with the guest stars. Overall speaking, Springnation 2018 award night is an enjoy able night full of music and laughter. Can’t wait for Springnation 2019!


Writer : Levina Tabita