Spring has come, and Indonesian Students Association – University of Technology Sydney (PPI UTS) holds an event called “Saung Kita” on Saturday, 2 September 2017. Located in UTS Concourse Broadway, Gregorius Bryan, the organiser, says that the event is full of excitement through Indonesian food stalls as well as traditional Independence Day games. One of the games is “shoetalk” where you have to remember whose shoes you have because you have to return it to the owner after you got it randomly. Although it is a bit confusing, this “shoetalk” is able to warm up the day.

Lomba “Shoetalk” di Saung Kita (Dok. PPIA 2017)

Lomba Gerobak Sodor (Dok. PPIA 2017)

After that, they have a race outside where two groups play against each other. This game is called “gerobak sodor” and commonly played in Indonesian primary schools during recess. The winner of the game gets a prize from the organiser, such as tea, juice, and soft drinks. Because of the scorching sun that makes the participants become hungry and thirsty, lunchtime is coming. The participants are welcomed to attend the Indonesian food stalls. There are nasi kuning (yellow rice), pempek, martabak manis, risol, satay, etc. After lunch, they enjoy the live music performing Indonesian songs.  

Indonesian food stalls (Dok. PPIA 2017)

Then, the games are on again after lunch. They are eating kerupuk and tebak gaya. The winners get free Opal card that can be used for using public transportation around Sydney. There are also sack race and running man. The organisers prepare various gifts for the running man race, and it is cinema voucher worth $20.  As the day comes to an end, the participants enjoy the live performance by the President of PPIA New South Wales, Tirza Amelia, and her friend. It is followed by the door prize announcement, and the winner gets a smartphone presented by PPI UTS. The President of PPI UTS, Andri Hermawan, delivers his gratitude for having such a great day with all participants who come to Saung Kita. (ed/qs)

Lomba Tebak Kata (Dok. PPIA 2017)

Andri Hermawan, Ketua PPIA UTS ’17-’18 (Dok. PPIA 2017)



Sydney, 2 September 2017

Contributor: Bakti Abdillah Putra Rozali