Have you ever thought about your career yet? What have you prepared so far? Today (14/10), PPIA Chapter Macquarie University and PPIA Chapter The University of New South Wales hold a seminar regarding how the young graduates succeed in the professional area. The seminar is called “PPIA VISION 2017”. The committee invites three keynote speakers from large corporations in Australia. They are Nugra Akbari from Telstra, Hendrik Lianto, and Kim Hwang from Certified Professional Accounting (CPA) Australia. This seminar started around 1 p.m. at Chemical Engineering M18 Building, The University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Trijayawan, The President of PPIA MQ (Doc. PPIA 2017)

Before the keynote speakers talk, the President of PPIA Macquarie, Trijayawan, delivers his opening speech of which its audience is mostly the third-year students at universities in Sydney. He highlights that this seminar could be a good opportunity for students who are preparing themselves to get into professional work. The first session is Nugra’s presentation, sharing about his experience working in Telstra, the largest telecommunication company in Australia. Nugra is Indonesian, and he is a University of New South Wales alumni where he gets his Bachelor’s Degree. Nugra also emphasizes on the importance of research during a job-search, such as getting to know the roles you can do and want to do, the requirements of the job, qualifications needed, and both the employer’s and your expectation from each other. He mentions that volunteering, like getting involved in PPIA, is also quite important to raise the resume so that the employers know what makes the candidates different to the others.

Then, Ms. Kim Hwang from Certified Professional Accounting (CPA) Australia takes over the next session. Ms. Hwang is a Malaysian and graduated from the University of Melbourne. She is already very familiar with her Indonesian fellows at the company. She tries to change the mindset of the students to get out from their comfort zone and challenge themselves. She also considers that Indonesia has a lot of prospects, especially in economy, and motivates the students to have a good career for building our country. “Don’t give up. Be determined in what you are doing.”

Three Speakers of PPIA VISISON 2017 (Doc. PPIA 2017)

Hendrik Lianto, the third speaker, also from CPA Australia, ends the third session with the importance of pursuing our passion in doing any work. He graduates from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and Padjadjaran University in Bandung. He thinks that passion is good to have, and he pushes the students to find any position at work which they feel comfortable at. Hendrik also urges the students to have a good public speaking skill, especially in the globalisation era. Based on his experience, the Indonesians still should build their confidence and sharpness in public speaking compared to the people from Western countries.

Photo Session PPIA VISISON 2017 (Doc. PPIA 2017)

Question and Answers close the seminar, and the audience asks interesting questions to the speakers. They look determined to finish their degree soon and find their dream job. In the end of the day, it is their option on how hard they want to achieve their dream in the professional area and how serious they want to contribute for a better Indonesia. (ed/qs)