Last year, on July 2018, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. After the first one, another two earthquake struck Lombok again, and the damage was quite huge. there are some districts and areas that are heavily damaged. Indonesian Students’ Association of Australia (PPI Australia) working together with its chapters and branches organized  charity fundraising and donation to help those in need.

PPI Australia, working together with Forum Academia  NTT in Lombok, raised a total of $3000 AUD in funds. The funds were being used to help people in Lombok and it is being distributed by Forum Academia NTT. The aids are being distributed in the form of basic school supplies (Pen, pencil, book, and sharpener) to kindergartens and elementary schools, aid in the form of food supplies and cooking tools for the women as a way for trauma healing, and also building tools for rebuilding Lombok.

aid distribution of school supplies in the sub-district of Narmada.
Aid distribution in the form of building supplies and tools in Rembige.

In distributing the aids, Forum Academia NTT focused the aids on some parts of Lombok that are heavily damaged, such as in the sub-district of Batu Kliang, Central Lombok and  farmers in Lombok.

Aid distribution in the sub-district of Tanjung, Lombok.
Aid donation in the sub-district of Batu Kliang, Central Lombok.
Aid distribution to a family and head of village where they helped an abandoned aged care facility by opening up their bungalow.