Soundsekerta 2017 by PPIA Monash University

Soundsekerta 2017 has been successfully held in Melbourne Town Hall, Saturday (16/9). This event is an annual concert held by PPIA Monash University. This year, Soundsekerta 2017 takes the ‘Harmony in Diversity’ as the main theme. Soundsekerta invites RAN, Isyana Sarasvati, and Project Pop as guest stars.

The event started at 7pm and was opened by a performance from klaudspirits and singing Indonesia Raya conducted by Grace Yolanda. After that, speech from the president of PPIA Monash University, followed by the project manager. And then, Madame Dewi Savitri Wahab gives her speech as the Consulate General of Indonesia in Melbourne. (more…)

“SAUNG KITA”: Indonesian Bazaar by PPI UTS

Spring has come, and Indonesian Students Association – University of Technology Sydney (PPI UTS) holds an event called “Saung Kita” on Saturday, 2 September 2017. Located in UTS Concourse Broadway, Gregorius Bryan, the organiser, says that the event is full of excitement through Indonesian food stalls as well as traditional Independence Day games. One of the games is “shoetalk” where you have to remember whose shoes you have because you have to return it to the owner after you got it randomly. Although it is a bit confusing, this “shoetalk” is able to warm up the day. (more…)

Cheerful Day in University of Wollongong

The journey started from Town Hall Station, Sydney, around 8.30 AM to Wollongong. That Saturday, 26 August 2017, Indonesian Students Association in University of Wollongong (PPI UoW) held an event called “Indonesia Independence Day”, located in McKinnon Lawn. To begin with, we sang Indonesian National anthem before the representative from Indonesian General Consulate in Sydney gave an opening remark. Mr.Dicky Djukarja Soerjatamihardja, in his speech, emphasized that the General Consulate is ready to give any support needed for any activities held by Indonesian students in New South Wales. He also added that hopefully this kind of event could strengthen the bond among Indonesian students, especially in Wollongong and surrounds. (more…)

LinkedIn Master Class

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Therefore, don’t miss out this great opportunity to learn more about tips that can polish your LinkedIn profile. (more…)

NAILA 2017 Speech Competition

The National Australia Indonesia Language Awards (NAILA) is an annual speech competition rewards and fosters the development of Indonesian language learning in Australia at all levels.

We invite primary school students through to executive level speakers to submit videos of themselves speaking in Indonesian on certain topics and annual themes. (more…)

Temulawak 2017 by PPIA Victoria

Celebrating Independence Day of Indonesia, Indonesian Students Association in Victoria (PPIA Victoria) presents Temulawak, Teater Muda Langkah Awal Merdeka. It is held in Athenaum Theatre, 188 Collins Street, Melbourne. Starting aroung 3 pm, Madame Dewi Savitri Wahab, the Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia in Victoria, gives an opening remark, followed by the project manager. After the speeches, the choir presents some songs to break the freezing Melbourne weather. (more…)

Indopendence 2017: The Spirit of Independence from PPIA Macquarie University

Sydney’s windy weather does not stop Indonesian students Association – Macquarie University Chapter (PPIAMQ) to celebrate Indonesia Independence Day on Friday, 18 August 2017. The celebration is called “Indopendence 2017” by having Indonesian bazaar and traditional games, such as tug of war and sack race. It is held at the back of the university building in Macquarie University Lake area. (more…)

“WELCOME GATHERING” for Indonesian Students in University of Sydney

As the oldest university in Sydney, University of Sydney is one of the most favorite destination to study for Indonesian students in Australia. They do not only focus on studying, but also be active in the Indonesian Students Association – University of Sydney Chapter (PPIA USyd). This winter, PPIA USyd held a welcoming gathering for the new students who just arrived. It took place on Friday, 11 August 2017 in Room 427, Old Teacher Building, University of Sydney. This event was also publicized through PPIA USyd’s social media, such as Facebook (PPIA University of Sydney) and Instagram (@ppiausyd). Guests came around 5 PM, and the event started at 6.30 pm by having the President of PPIA USyd, Diaz Handoko, deliver an opening remark. (more…)

Indonesia Update Conference 2017

Indonesia in the new world: globalisation, nationalism and sovereignty is the theme for the 35th annual Indonesia Update Conference to be held at The Australian National University on Friday and Saturday, 15-16 September 2017.

Today, globalisation is more complex than ever. The effects of the global financial crisis and increased inequality have, in many countries, spurred anti-global sentiment and encouraged the adoption of populist and inward-looking policies. Discontent has manifested in some surprising results: Brexit, Trump, and possibly more to come. In Indonesia, discontent has led to rising protectionism, a rejection of foreign interference in the name of nationalism, and economic policies dominated by calls for self-sufficiency. Meanwhile, human trafficking and the abuse of migrant workers have shown the other side of globalisation. (more…)

Surat untuk Guru

Untuk memperingati hari Guru pada 25 November 2016, PPI Dunia mengajak teman-teman semua secara serentak mengirimkan surat/postcard ke guru-guru kita terdahulu, bisa ke alamat sekolah atau ke alamat rumah beliau.

Jangan lupa juga untuk membagikan kisah-mu bersama guru-mu ke Instagram atau Facebook dengan hashtag #suratcintauntukguru

Izinkanlah surat kecilmu menguak kembali kenangan indah gurumu.

Beritahukanlah kabarmu, berapa belahan dunia yang sudah engkau capai karena-nya, berapa mimpi yang telah kamu rengkuh karena dimulai dengan didikan-nya.

Guru memang seorang pahlawan tanpa tanda jasa, tetapi bukan berarti kita akan melupakannya.

Sapalah beliau, mungkin saat ini beliau rindu akan kabar murid-muridnya di penghujung hari tua-nya.