Sydney’s windy weather does not stop Indonesian students Association – Macquarie University Chapter (PPIAMQ) to celebrate Indonesia Independence Day on Friday, 18 August 2017. The celebration is called “Indopendence 2017” by having Indonesian bazaar and traditional games, such as tug of war and sack race. It is held at the back of the university building in Macquarie University Lake area.

Group photo “Indopendence 2017” (Doc. PPIA 2017)

“Although not so many people come to the bazaar as expected, some guests from Jakarta comes, for instance, the visitors from Universitas Trisakti, Jakarta,” said Trijayawan Haryono, the head of Indonesian Students Association –  Macquarie University Chapter. The products sold in this bazzar are food and snacks, imported from Indonesia. The bazaar starts from 11 am to 2.30 pm in Macquarie University Courtyard.

Snacks di Bazar Indonesia (Doc. PPIA 2017)

After bazaar ends, they start the game around the lake. “The Indonesian traditional games such as sack race and tug of war are on. We invite Indonesian students here to participate,” said Daniel Alexander, the organising committee of “Indopendence 2017”.

Tug of War (Doc. PPIA 2017)

And then, two sessions of sack race follow after the tug of war has finished. The competition is very cheerful and has a positive vibe, so the participants are having a good laugh. The winner of the ruck sake gets a packet of instant noodles from the organising committee. It also becomes the end of “Indopendence 2017”. Trijayawan Haryono as the president of PPIAMQ mentions that hopefully, PPIAMQ holds more events in the future, not only for undergraduate students, but also postgraduate students.

Sack Race (Doc. PPIA 2017)

Ketua & Wakil Ketua PPIAMQ 2016/2017 (Dok. PPIA 2017)

After Indopendence 2017, PPIAMQ also prepares a big event called “Soundquariang 4” inviting Indonesian music bands to come and perform in Sydney. They are still focusing on the ticket sales and sponsorship while performers are ready to be accommodated in Australia. The bands are Project Pop, Nidji, and Tulus, and the event is held in Enmore Theatre, Sydney. On 1 September 2017, for Soundquariang 4, they also invite the Angklung group from Indonesian community in Sydney. For ticket sales and volunteer registration, please see Instagram @Soundquriang or @ppiamacq. (ed/qs)


Sydney, 19 August 2017

Contributor: Bakti Abdillah Putra Rozali