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PPIA 2016/2017 Essay Competition - For a sustainable Indonesia: Reaching the SDGs

The Millennium Development Goals were first announced in one of the most important summits in history in 2000. Policymakers from around the world grouped together in an idealistic effort to address some of the world’s most serious challenges in 2015. The world has made much headway since then, but there is significant unevenness amongst countries in how they have progressed. Indonesia’s own results have been mixed. While we have done well in poverty alleviation, we are struggling to address maternal mortality and malnutrition. The practical aspects of implementing these goals are made more difficult by bureaucratic red tape, corruption, and disagreements amongst policymakers in national, provincial, and local governments. The Sustainable Development Goals, which we hope to achieve by 2030, face these same challenges.
Australia attracts some of the brightest Indonesian students around, many of them with ideas for solutions to the challenges that we face in the lead up to 2030. We’re giving YOU the opportunity to send us your ideas in 2,500 words on how you think Indonesia can overcome the challenges to realizing the SDGs. If you think you have solutions to the problems that we face in the lead up to the SDGs, then this competition is just for you!


We have divided the broad theme of “Sustainable Development” to five slightly less broad sub-themes:
• Science and Engineering (e.g. energy, clean water, and sanitation)
• Law, Political Science and IR (e.g. gender equality, human rights)
• Economics (e.g. poverty alleviation, infrastructure development)
• Sustainability (e.g. climate change, food security)
• Health (e.g. HIV/AIDS, malnutrition)

Important Dates

Essay Submission : 1 April 2017
Announcement of Results : 1 June 2017

About the Essay

The total length of the paper should be 2,500 words. There is leniency if the word count is within 10% (i.e. minimum 2,250 and maximum 2,750). Footnotes, bibliography, and tables and figures will not be counted in the word count. The essay must be written in UK English and must not have been published in any publications or conferences. Plagiarism will result in the paper’s immediate rejection.


Submit your essay to akademik-kajian@ppi-australia.org. Please also submit a photocopy/photo of your student ID. This competition is ONLY open to Indonesian tertiary and vocational students in Australia. Only one entry per applicant is permitted. Entries must not have been published elsewhere. Also, essays must provide policy recommendations.


1. Best essays and policy recommendations will be compiled and submitted to the Indonesian government.
2. Monetary prizes will be given out to the best essay and the best essays for each sub-theme

General Writing Instruction

  • The first page must start with title, author list and affiliations extending across the full width of the page.
  • Paper title into appear in CAPITAL LETTERS centered across the top of page on the first page (Times New Roman bold size 14). Authors' names (Times New Roman bold 12) and affiliations (Times New Roman size 12) appear below the title, also centered. Give all authors' names: do not use et. al. Underline the name of presenting author.
  • All manuscript must be typed 1.5 pts of line spacing (or equivalent)
  • Please type your paper using Times New Roman 11 pts font. For the title of the chapters, please use Times New Roman bold 12 point and should be in ALL CAPS.
  • Footnote font size 10.
  • Please number your pages.
  • Do not use headers and footers apart from the template.
  • Only one entry per applicant is permitted.
  • Entries must not have been published elsewhere.
  • Essays must provide policy recommendations.

Tables and Figures Format

When adding pictures, diagrams or tables to the document, please limit the size of imported files preferably by using the graphical editor of Word, or importing files which are saved at 300 dpi JPEG (jpg format). Don't make use of auto -link facilities, such as links to Excel when using tables. Keep your pictures readable. 
Number your pictures and add a picture title or caption and sources below each picture: Type the full picture title in Italic, use Times New Roman 10. Start with Figure and number in Bold (e.g. “Figure 5. Emission sources by Industry (source: UNEP, 2016”).
Number your tables and add a table title or caption and sources above each table: Use Times New Roman 10. Start with Table and number in Bold (e.g. “Table 1. Energy consumption per capita in Indonesia in 1990-2010 (source: World Bank, 2016”).

Page and Document Format

  1. Set the page format to A4 size. Set the left, right and upper and lower margins on 2.54 cm. The text must be fully justified on both left and right side.
  2. Use file name format: Sustainable Indonesia_Essay Topic's_Author Name. The full paper should be submitted only in *.DOC or *.PDF format.

Citing a Reference

Please use APA formatting for citing a reference. Full guideline of APA method is described in this url: http://library.unimelb.edu.au/recite/apa


Direct your questions to akademik-kajian@ppi-australia.org

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