The journey started from Town Hall Station, Sydney, around 8.30 AM to Wollongong. That Saturday, 26 August 2017, Indonesian Students Association in University of Wollongong (PPI UoW) held an event called “Indonesia Independence Day”, located in McKinnon Lawn. To begin with, we sang Indonesian National anthem before the representative from Indonesian General Consulate in Sydney gave an opening remark. Mr.Dicky Djukarja Soerjatamihardja, in his speech, emphasized that the General Consulate is ready to give any support needed for any activities held by Indonesian students in New South Wales. He also added that hopefully this kind of event could strengthen the bond among Indonesian students, especially in Wollongong and surrounds.

Singing Indonesian National Anthem (Dok. PPIA 2017)

Opening Remark from the representative of the Consulate General  (Dok. PPIA 2017)

President of PPI UoW, Fuad Alghani (Dok. PPIA 2017)

After Mr.Dicky’s remark, the President of PPI UoW, Fuad Alghani, encouraged Indonesian students in Wollongon should support each other since they are away from home. He also said that in general, students discuss about academic stuff with each other. Aside from Indonesian students in Wollongong, Fuad also invited Indonesian diaspora living in Wollongong and Illawara area to celebrate the 72th Indonesian Independence Day.

They also had Independence Day races in general, such as putting nails into bottles. What makes it different is Samyang-eating competition. Samyang is a very spicy Instant Noodles, and this competition has adults and children sessions. There was also a guest from Macquarie University, Rani Fitriana, who voluntarily sang “Bendera” from a band named Cokelat and “Beraksi” from Kotak to warm up the day.

Lomba Memasukkan Paku ke dalam Botol (Dok. PPIA 2017)

Lunch (Dok. PPIA 2017)

Samyang Competition (Dok. PPIA 2017)

Eating Kerupuk Race (Dok. PPIA 2017)

After the race has done, we had lunch together. Indonesian diaspora in Wollongong has prepared lunch menu, such as soto ayam, meatballs, rice, and fritters. Indonesian food in every Indonesian events always cure the homesickness when we’re far away from home. And then, after lunch, we continued the warmth conversation while having another race, such as eating kerupuk. In the end of the day, the organizers provided prizes for the winners. Some Indonesian diaspora also performed some songs to brighten up the day. Around 3.30 PM, the event has finished, and we took the train back to Sydney. (ed/qs)


Sydney, 1 September 2017

Contributor: Bakti Abdillah Putra Rozali