Call for Papers

We hereby invite authors to submit scientific papers to be published in the Journal of Indonesia-Australia Studies. The submitted manuscript should follow Authors guidelines and be written either in Bahasa Indonesia or in English.

Accepted scopes include manuscript that promotes a deeper scientific and cross-disciplinary understanding of the Australian-Indonesian relations and scientific development:
* [POL] Policy issues (topics include but not limited to studies in politics, maritime policy, bilateral relationship, economic policy, and law)
* [CUL] Cultural studies (topics include but not limited to studies in languages, arts, ethnics, history, religion),
* [SCI] Science (topics include but not limited to studies in technology, engineering, informatics, medical (modern/traditional), health, and climate change)
* [EDU] Education (topics include but not limited to in behavioural studies, learning, curriculum development, and education management)

We accept a manuscript around the year!

The Journal is published two times a year (Summer and Winter).

Writing guideline:

Journal of Indonesia-Australia Studies is published and managed by Indonesian Students Association of Australia (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Australia)