10 New Bali of Indonesia (Part 1)

10 New Bali of Indonesia

Recently, Indonesian government has announced the development of 10 new tourist attraction across Indonesia that will be developed for tourism. The government hoped that in the future, these new areas can be a major destination for tourists like Bali.

Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Located in North Sumatra, Lake Toba is a volcanic lake known for the beauty of its nature.
This volcanic lake is the biggest in Southeast Asia, with 87 kilometres long, 27 kilometres wide, and located 904 metres above the sea level with depth reaches 505 metres.

It was formed about 80,000 years ago by a colossal volcanic eruption : the caldera that was created eventually buckled under the pressure and collapsed in on itself, the high-sided basin that remained filling with water to form the lake. A second, smaller volcanic eruption, 50,000 years after the first, created an island the size of Singapore in the middle of the lake. This island, called Samosir Island, is the cultural and spiritual heartland of the Toba Batak people and one of the most fascinating, pleasant and laidback spots in Indonesia.

You can reach Lake Toba from the city of Medan, the capital of North Sumatra. From Medan, Lake Toba can be reached from Kualanamu Airport. from Jakarta, the airlines that can be used to reach Kualanamu Airport are Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Citilink, Batik Air, and Sriwijaya Air.

Tanjung Lesung, Banten

Located in Banten, this beautiful beach is located adjacent to the Ujung Kulon area, Banten, and belongs to a protected area namely the Tanjung Lesung Special Economic Zone. Although this beach is not as famous as Anyer Beach or Carita Beach, Tanjung Lesung Beach is no less charming for tourists. This beach will usually be much quieter on Sundays than on Saturdays, therefore you should prepare the right day before deciding to visit this beach.

As one of the beach resorts located far from cities, Tanjung Lesung is highly recommended for those of you who want to find peace. Boring daily activities and various problems sometimes make chaotic thoughts, so that occasionally we need a vacation to momentarily refresh our minds.

There are some car routes to Tanjung Lesung Beach. The first one, from Tangerang. The route will be Tangerang – Serang – Pandeglang – Labuan-Panimbang -Tanjung-Lesung. Using this route, This route is closer than you have to pass through Coastal North Coast through Anyer and Carita.

The second one, from Jakarta, you can take Jakarta – Merak highway – East Serang highway – Serang – Pandeglang – Labuan-Panimbang -Tanjung-Lesung. Or alternatively, from Jakarta – Merak highway, exit through Cilegon – Anyer and Carita lane – Labuan – Tanjung Lesung.
For some people who have visited several beaches in Banten such as Carita Beach and Anyer Beach, you should not miss the beach located in the Banteng area, Banten, this is because there will provide a beach view and natural beauty that is not inferior to other beach destinations.

There are some activities to enjoy here, such as :

• Enjoying sunrise and sunset : Not only can you enjoy the beach and the swish of the waves, this place is predicted to be the right tourist destination for those of you who want to watch the sunrise and sunset behind the child of Krakatoa. Usually some tourists who want to hunt for sunrise moments, they do it while exercising around the beach area such as jogging.
• Enjoying the beach from the pier : The pier at Tanjung Lesung Beach is the place most hunted by tourists, mostly young people. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the beach from the pier, this place can also be used for fishing. But for those of you who have a hobby of fishing and want to fish on this beach you should bring your own fishing gear from home because there is no rental of fishing equipment in this place.
• Snorkelling : For those of you who have a hobby of watching marine life, Tanjung Lesung Beach is certainly the right beach to channel your hobbies. With diving, you can see the beauty of the underwater because this beach is the location of a coral reef conservation area.
• Art performances : on the day of your arrival at this beach there will usually be performances of art such as debus to dance. These shows are often done at night, so for those of you who want to spend the night in this coastal area by setting up tents with friends, you can watch this show.

Kepulauan Seribu, DKI Jakarta

“Kepulauan Seribu” literally meaning: the Thousand Islands, yes, the same as the popular dressing we put on salads! Here, in fact, this is the name given to the many tropical islands scattered in the Bay of Jakarta.

But only very few people know, that here are exactly 110 islands only, that together form a District, encompassing the Pulau Seribu National Marine Park in the province of Jakarta. This cluster of islands forms a splendid nautical getaway that ranges from a mere half hour to a three hours’ boat ride from the north coast of the capital city.

Here, around 20,000 people live on 11 islands only, while all others are either uninhabited, are privately owned or are a restricted nature sanctuary. The islands are a snorkeling haven and watersports playground in particular for the inhabitants of the metropolitan city. During holidays, domestic tourists throng to the islands to have fun under the sun on these many recreation islands.

There are some islands that you should visit :
• Bidadari island : Pulau Bidadari is the nearest island to Marina Ancol ferry port, and is only 30 minutes away by boat, where you can instantly enjoy the photogenic site of Fort Martello, that was built in the 17th century. The island has a marvellous collection of rare trees growing naturally on its fertile soil.There are the Peace Trees (baringtoniaexelsa), Sentigi Trees (pempisacidula), Black Wood Trees (diospyrosmaritama), fruit trees and mangrove trees that are superb resources to study. Floating cottages are favorite places to spend your holiday on the island. Unwind and sink your feet in the sand. Donot miss to get a taste of the local scrumptious seafood dishes that come fresh from the blue water.
• Ayer island : Pulau Ayer resort offers vacationers the choice to stay either on floating cottages or on land in villas designed along Papua traditional details. The resort was developed in the 1950s, and was the retreat for Indonesia’s First President, Soekarno. Complemented will all kinds of vacation facilities such as restaurants, arcade zone, karaoke, playground, sports field, and large swimming pools , these are among fun watersports activities to be tried out on this island. Located only only some 25 minutes from Marina Ancol, the island is one of the favorite destinations for families and large group gatherings.
• Onrust island : Pulau Onrust is a small island that hides a historic Dutch fortress and other remains from the Dutch colonial times and now functions as the islands’ museum. The name ‘Onrust’ comes from the Dutch word meaning ‘Unrest’. Nonetheless other sources mention an alternative possibility, that it may be derived from a Dutch aristocrat named Baas Onrust Cornelis van der Walck . The island’s history dates back to the 1800s. In time it changed function several times, from being an important shipyard of the Dutch East India Company, VOC, to becoming a weather station, a sanatorium, a Hajj quarantine, and even as a prison for notorious criminals. Therefore the island holds many traces following its long history.
• Pulau Macan : Pulau Macan or Tiger Island attracts honeymooners as an eco tourism destination, famous for its romantic huts. Here huts are built in natural style, so that you may truly feel as if you are on a secluded private island away from civilization. Some of the huts are so positioned to allow visitors to catch the best sunset view. You can even plunge into the clear ocean waters just a few steps from your comfy bed. Located 1.5 hours away from Marina Ancol, Pulau Macan offers exciting watersports such as canoeing, windsurfing, snorkeling and diving.

Tanjung Kelayang, Bangka Belitung

Tanjung Kelayang is one of the most beautiful beaches in Belitung, a beach recreation center that periodically stops hundreds of yachts from overseas in the Sail Indonesia event. This place is also a port used by tourists to do island hopping tours that are most in demand by tourists coming to Belitung. This beach is located 27 km north of Tanjungpandan city.

Tanjung Kelayang has been known by the local community as a place of recreation since long ago. The most interesting sight is a small island formed of large granite stones located approximately 800 meters from the end of the beach. The shape of the stone resembles the head of a bird, that is what makes the name of this place as Tanjung Kelayang, where Kelayang is the name of one type of bird. Residents around named the stone shaped like a bird’s head with a more special name, namely Batu Garuda.

The east coast is the entrance to Tanjung Kelayang, here there is only white sand, no granite on the beach. From there visitors usually walk along the coast approximately 300m to the north, where granite rocks can be found, scattered along the tip of the peninsula and also on the surface of the sea. One of them is shaped like a bird.

Meanwhile the West side beach has a different view. The length of the beach is not along the East side because on the West side there are more granite stones. The view of the unit from the west coast is 3 small islands, about 700m from the shoreline. Combined with large granite rocks scattered on the surface of the sea, the scenery on the West side is more attractive, especially at sunset. The best place to enjoy views of the West side coast is from the top of the granite rocks at the end of the peninsula.

Borobudur Temple, Central Java

Borobudur Temple is located in Magelang, Central Java. It is the biggest Buddhist temple in the world.
The Sailendra dynasty built this Largest Buddhist monument in the world between AD 780 and 840. The Sailendra are the ruling dynasty in Central Java at the time. It was built as a place for glorifying Buddha and a pilgrimage spot to guide mankind from worldly desires into enlightenment and wisdom according to Buddha. This monument was discovered by the British in 1814 under Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles, it was until 1835 that the entire area of the temple has been cleared.
Borobudur built in the style of Mandala which symbolizes the universe in Buddhist teaching. This structure is square shaped with four entry point and a circular center point. Working from the exterior to the interior, three zones of consciousness are represented, with the central sphere representing unconsciousness or Nirvana.

NAILA 2018 Award Night

NAILA 2018 Award Night was successfully held on Friday, November 9th, 2018 in Monash Conference Centre. The National Australia Indonesia Language Awards (NAILA) is an annual speech competition held by AIYA (Australia Indonesia Youth Association) that rewards and fosters the development of Indonesian language learning in Australia at all levels. The event was opened by Mrs. Spica Tutuhatunewa, the Consulate General of Indonesia.

This year, NAILA has diversity as its theme of competition. The event was opened by Ms. Sally Hill, the founder and director of NAILA. This year’s competition was judged by a panel of VIP judges, which consists of Mr. John McGlynn (the founder of Lontar Foundation), Mrs. Svida Alisjahbana (chairwoman of Femina Group), Ms. Jane Ahlstrand (Lecturer of Indonesian language at University of New England), and Ms. Yacinta Kurniasih (Poet, writer, Indonesian Studies lecturer at Monash University).


The awards are categorized into several categories from primary to People’s choice. The awardees are representatives of all states in Australia.


The awardees are :

  • Blake Johnson – Primary Awardee
  • Kayla Burnett – Junior Awardee
  • Sreeya Das – Middle Awardee
  • Rya Hwright – University of Melbourne Asia Institute Senior Awardee
  • Ellen House – Australia Indonesia Centre Tertiary Awardee
  • Bryanna Wilson – Executive Awardee
  • Iven Manning – Wild Card Awardee
  • Tom Mckenzie – Deakin University Teacher Awardee
  • Andrian Liem – Native Speaker Awardee

NAILA is a good chance to improve your Indonesian language skills and speech. According to Ellen House, The Australia Indonesia Centre Tertiary Awardee, “NAILA is an amazing opportunity to improve your Indonesian language skills. So, I decided to prepare my speech and joined NAILA 2018.”

At the end of the event, the committee announces the winner of the People’s Choice (group) Award, which won by team Aku Cinta Indonesia, and they announced the  second winner of each award categories.

This year’s NAILA 2018 has been great, the awardees and participants made a good job. can’t wait for NAILA next year!

Writer : Levina Tabita