Pernyataan Sikap PPI Australia terhadap Serangan Teroris di Surabaya

Merespon berita peledakan bom di sejumlah tempat di Surabaya dan Sidoarjo, di antaranya rumah-rumah peribadatan, markas kepolisian dan perumahan warga, yang baru terjadi pada Minggu dan Senin, 13 dan 14 Mei 2018, dengan ini Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Australia (PPIA) menyatakan sikap sebagai berikut:

  1. Menyampaikan rasa prihatin dan duka yang mendalam atas jatuhnya korban jiwa maupun luka parah dalam peristiwa tersebut.
  2. Menegaskan bahwa terorisme tidak mengenal agama, suku dan etnis tertentu sehingga menghimbau agar seluruh elemen bangsa tidak terhasut oleh provokasi yang mengancam persatuan Indonesia.
  3. Mendukung dan mengapresiasi upaya pemerintah untuk menindak tegas kelompok, organisasi, dan/atau individu yang menyebarkan kebencian dan permusuhan antar umat beragama, mengancam Kebhineka-Tunggal-Ikaan Indonesia, dan/atau bermaksud mengganti dasar negara Indonesia, yaitu Pancasila.
  4. Mendorong Pemerintah untuk meningkatkan upaya preventif menangkal radikalisme dan/atau ideologi yang berpotensi mengancam keamanan dan keselamatan bangsa Indonesia.
  5. Mengajak seluruh anggota masyarakat untuk mengedepankan nilai kasih sayang, toleransi antar umat beragama, dan rasa cinta tanah air dan bangsa serta meningkatkan kewaspadaan sebagai upaya untuk melawan terorisme.

Career Opportunity with PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk.: The Complete Banker (TCB) Program

CIMB Niaga is Indonesia’s 5th largest bank by assets, deposits, lending and branch distribution network. Our mission is to provide universal banking services in Indonesia as a high-performing, institutionalized and integrated company located in ASEAN and key markets beyond, and to champion and the acceleration of ASEAN integration and the region’s links to the rest of the world. Our strategies to support the mission in human resource area are by acquiring and developing talents in the management trainee program for fresh graduates, The Complete Banker (TCB) Program. (more…)

Lessons for ASEAN from the Former Indonesian Foreign Minister Dr. Marty Natalegawa

Monday, March 12th, 2018, the University of Sydney was visited by the former Indonesian Foreign Minister, Dr. Marty Natalegawa. He served as Foreign Minister from 2009-2014 and, in 2011, Indonesia was appointed as the Chair of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Between 2002-2005, he performed as the Director-General for ASEAN Cooperation in Indonesia’s Department of Foreign Affairs. He came to give his speech about ‘The Future of ASEAN’ in front of Australian and Indonesian officials, academics, and students at The Refectory, University of Sydney. As we know, ASEAN is still facing challenges and opportunities in the era of prompt geopolitical transformation, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. Also, the next day would be an important moment for ASEAN and Australia because both parties were welcoming the Special Summit. (more…)

PPI AUSTRALIA mempersembahkan Sembilan Gagasan Pelajar Indonesia di Australia atau “SEGARA” untuk Presiden Republik Indonesia

Berkaca pada kekayaan maritim Indonesia yang mengapit lebih dari 17.500 pulau, Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia (PPIA) sebagai perhimpunan pelajar Indonesia terbesar di dunia kembali mengadakan Indonesia Global Scholars’ Forum atau IGSF 2018 yang mengangkat tema Global Maritime Fulcrum: Assessing Indonesia Policies, Strategies and Position. Kegiatan yang diadakan pada tanggal 23-24 Februari di Perth, Western Australia ini merumuskan sembilan poin rekomendasi mengenai kemaritiman Republik Indonesia.


Music and Friends: Muhibah Angklung goes to Canberra

By: Qisthi Shafira

In Monday, 22 January 2018, you can hear the melody of Angklung, Indonesian musical instruments, around Pop Up Village in Australian National University. This is because a team of Angklung flies all the way from Bandung to do an Australian tour, and Canberra is where they perform that evening. The team is called Muhibah Angklung. They consist of around 42 high school students who are talented and believe in promoting Indonesian culture through music around the world. Having said that, Australia is not their only destination. Their instructor, Sang Maulana, mentions that they have performed around Europe to introduce Angklung to the world, such as 44th Aberdeen International Youth Festival in Scotland, 50th Westerlo International Folklore Festival in Belgium, 62nd International Folklore Festival in Czech Republic, and 48th International Festival of Highland Folklore in Poland.


Life in Melbourne: Music as a Getaway

By: Nadya Yolanda Moeda

Naya (left) during her one and only concert in Melbourne.

Music has been one of my interests. I still remember how I convinced my parents to let me earn a Bachelor’s degree in music, but they kept rejecting this idea. Since it was not easy for a 16-year old me to envision my future career besides being a musician or performer, I thought there was nothing to plan for. So then, at that time I did not strive to achieve what teenagers my age typically dream of: To get accepted in one of the most prestigious state universities in Indonesia. Because I thought, as long as I still could find the way to play my instrument in my future college—wherever it would be, I would be fine.


Bits and Pieces of Indonesia in Curtin Primary School

By: Qisthi Shafira


I am glad I have the opportunity to be an Indonesian Language Teaching Assistant (ILTA) in Curtin Primary School, Australian Capital Territory (ACT). This happens because of an MoU between Indonesian Embassy in Canberra and ACT Government. The Embassy in Canberra has to provide ILTAs for primary schools in ACT, and ACT Government helps to evaluate this cooperation each year by monitoring the activities and communication between ILTAs and Indonesian Language Teachers at schools.


PPIA Vision 2017: Be The Right Person in The Right Place

Have you ever thought about your career yet? What have you prepared so far? Today (14/10), PPIA Chapter Macquarie University and PPIA Chapter The University of New South Wales hold a seminar regarding how the young graduates succeed in the professional area. The seminar is called “PPIA VISION 2017”. The committee invites three keynote speakers from large corporations in Australia. They are Nugra Akbari from Telstra, Hendrik Lianto, and Kim Hwang from Certified Professional Accounting (CPA) Australia. This seminar started around 1 p.m. at Chemical Engineering M18 Building, The University of New South Wales, Sydney. (more…)

Soundsekerta 2017 by PPIA Monash University

Soundsekerta 2017 has been successfully held in Melbourne Town Hall, Saturday (16/9). This event is an annual concert held by PPIA Monash University. This year, Soundsekerta 2017 takes the ‘Harmony in Diversity’ as the main theme. Soundsekerta invites RAN, Isyana Sarasvati, and Project Pop as guest stars.

The event started at 7pm and was opened by a performance from klaudspirits and singing Indonesia Raya conducted by Grace Yolanda. After that, speech from the president of PPIA Monash University, followed by the project manager. And then, Madame Dewi Savitri Wahab gives her speech as the Consulate General of Indonesia in Melbourne. (more…)

“SAUNG KITA”: Indonesian Bazaar by PPI UTS

Spring has come, and Indonesian Students Association – University of Technology Sydney (PPI UTS) holds an event called “Saung Kita” on Saturday, 2 September 2017. Located in UTS Concourse Broadway, Gregorius Bryan, the organiser, says that the event is full of excitement through Indonesian food stalls as well as traditional Independence Day games. One of the games is “shoetalk” where you have to remember whose shoes you have because you have to return it to the owner after you got it randomly. Although it is a bit confusing, this “shoetalk” is able to warm up the day. (more…)