The next General Election will be held on April 2019 and it’s been eight more months to go. For all Indonesians in Australia, we would like to inform you with the following steps about how to register as a voter for the next General Election.

For those in NSW, QLD, and SA :

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click “Pendaftaran Pemilih” on the bottom of webpage.
  3. Fill out the data as your Citizenship Number (NIK) or Passport, then click “Registrasi”.
  4. Once you have clicked “Registrasi”, you will be able to manage your data by selecting menu “Pendaftaran Pemilih” on the right-hand side.
  5. Complete all required data based on your NIK or Passport, including your name, current address, and date of birth. You will also be asked to upload your scanned NIK or passport in the last section.
  6. Select and save your election method as your convenience
  7. Once you save your data, you will be directed to the final step. You can click “Selesai” once you are sure that your data is correct.
  8. A notification about the General Election will be sent to your email.

For those in VIC & TAS :

  1. Go to website, choose “cari data” and enter your name.
  2. if your name is not on the database, you can register by choosing “pendaftaran pemilih”
  3. Then fill in the form with your passport number and all the required data.

For those in WA, register yourself via the website, click “pendaftaran pemilih” and fill out the form.

For those in NT, you can register yourself by contacting the PPLN KRI Darwin via email at or by calling one of these numbers : 0423 901 634 / 0487 879 459 / 0413 228 780 and don’t forget to give a photo / scan of your passport along with the required data.

For those in ACT, you can register yourself by sending the”Masukan dan Tanggapan” form to or you can register yourself via the consular services in KBRI Canberra.