Konferensi Internasional Pelajar Indonesia (KIPI) 2019

As the year of service of PPIA 2018-2019 committee is coming to an end, PPIA held the Indonesian Students International Conference or KIPI. It was conducted successfully on July 3 – 6, 2019 in Monash University Caulfield as the main venue. This program actually was not only about the conference itself but also the PPIA youth entrepreneurship gala dinner, Australia Alumni Networking Chamber (AANC), and the PPIA Congress. At the end of the program, there were internal bonding activities to strengthen the relation amidst committee as their work will end soon.

After officially opened by Kristiarto Legowo, the Ambassador of Indonesia in Australia, the main discussion of the day was conducted on the first day. It talked about the demographic bonus in Indonesia, the challenges and benefits. The main panelists were Dr. Iwu Dwisetiyani Utomo and Prof. Peter McDonalds. After having a break and lunch, the conference was continued to another discussion. It talked about the social and cultural aspects of Indonesia, and the panelists were Dr. Nasya Bahfen and Budiman Sudjatmiko.

On the second day, July 4, 2019, the discussion moved to technological matters which focused on economy creative and technological innovation and information. Rudi Purba, Iwan Sunito, Tatum Ona Kembara, and Helen Brown were the panelists. In the second session of the discussion, Blibli, a leading market place company, delegations appeared to give their presentation about eCommerce in Indonesia and what career opportunities offered by Blibli at the moment. On the same day, the Gala Dinner was held in the Republic of Indonesia General Consulate office. This session had a discussion about industry 4.0 age and gave opportunities for the guests to broaden their professional network during the dinner.

The Congress, where the committees reported their work, was held on the third day, July 5, 2019. On the same day, in dinner time, there was AANC in the Republic of Indonesia General Consulate office. And finally, the program was closed on the fifth day by having internal bonding.

How To Register Yourself for 2019 Election

The next General Election will be held on April 2019 and it’s been eight more months to go. For all Indonesians in Australia, we would like to inform you with the following steps about how to register as a voter for the next General Election.

For those in NSW, QLD, and SA :

  1. Visit the website https://dapil.pemilusydney.org.au/
  2. Click “Pendaftaran Pemilih” on the bottom of webpage.
  3. Fill out the data as your Citizenship Number (NIK) or Passport, then click “Registrasi”.
  4. Once you have clicked “Registrasi”, you will be able to manage your data by selecting menu “Pendaftaran Pemilih” on the right-hand side.
  5. Complete all required data based on your NIK or Passport, including your name, current address, and date of birth. You will also be asked to upload your scanned NIK or passport in the last section.
  6. Select and save your election method as your convenience
  7. Once you save your data, you will be directed to the final step. You can click “Selesai” once you are sure that your data is correct.
  8. A notification about the General Election will be sent to your email.

For those in VIC & TAS :

  1. Go to website daftar.ppln.melbourne, choose “cari data” and enter your name.
  2. if your name is not on the database, you can register by choosing “pendaftaran pemilih”
  3. Then fill in the form with your passport number and all the required data.

For those in WA, register yourself via the website dapil.ppln-wa.org, click “pendaftaran pemilih” and fill out the form.

For those in NT, you can register yourself by contacting the PPLN KRI Darwin via email at pplndarwin2019@gmail.com or by calling one of these numbers : 0423 901 634 / 0487 879 459 / 0413 228 780 and don’t forget to give a photo / scan of your passport along with the required data.

For those in ACT, you can register yourself by sending the”Masukan dan Tanggapan” form to panitia-act@ppln-oz.org or you can register yourself via the consular services in KBRI Canberra.


CALL FOR PAPER (Journal of Indonesia-Australia Studies Vol.1 No.1 December 2018)

Call for Papers

We hereby invite authors to submit scientific papers to be published in the Journal of Indonesia-Australia Studies. The submitted manuscript should follow Authors guidelines and be written either in Bahasa Indonesia or in English.

Accepted scopes include manuscript that promotes a deeper scientific and cross-disciplinary understanding of the Australian-Indonesian relations and scientific development:
* [POL] Policy issues (topics include but not limited to studies in politics, maritime policy, bilateral relationship, economic policy, and law)
* [CUL] Cultural studies (topics include but not limited to studies in languages, arts, ethnics, history, religion),
* [SCI] Science (topics include but not limited to studies in technology, engineering, informatics, medical (modern/traditional), health, and climate change)
* [EDU] Education (topics include but not limited to in behavioural studies, learning, curriculum development, and education management)

We accept a manuscript around the year!

The Journal is published two times a year (Summer and Winter).

Writing guideline: http://journal.ppi-australia.org/index.php/jias/pages/view/guideline

Journal of Indonesia-Australia Studies is published and managed by Indonesian Students Association of Australia (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Australia)

Pernyataan Sikap PPI Australia terhadap Serangan Teroris di Surabaya

Merespon berita peledakan bom di sejumlah tempat di Surabaya dan Sidoarjo, di antaranya rumah-rumah peribadatan, markas kepolisian dan perumahan warga, yang baru terjadi pada Minggu dan Senin, 13 dan 14 Mei 2018, dengan ini Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Australia (PPIA) menyatakan sikap sebagai berikut:

  1. Menyampaikan rasa prihatin dan duka yang mendalam atas jatuhnya korban jiwa maupun luka parah dalam peristiwa tersebut.
  2. Menegaskan bahwa terorisme tidak mengenal agama, suku dan etnis tertentu sehingga menghimbau agar seluruh elemen bangsa tidak terhasut oleh provokasi yang mengancam persatuan Indonesia.
  3. Mendukung dan mengapresiasi upaya pemerintah untuk menindak tegas kelompok, organisasi, dan/atau individu yang menyebarkan kebencian dan permusuhan antar umat beragama, mengancam Kebhineka-Tunggal-Ikaan Indonesia, dan/atau bermaksud mengganti dasar negara Indonesia, yaitu Pancasila.
  4. Mendorong Pemerintah untuk meningkatkan upaya preventif menangkal radikalisme dan/atau ideologi yang berpotensi mengancam keamanan dan keselamatan bangsa Indonesia.
  5. Mengajak seluruh anggota masyarakat untuk mengedepankan nilai kasih sayang, toleransi antar umat beragama, dan rasa cinta tanah air dan bangsa serta meningkatkan kewaspadaan sebagai upaya untuk melawan terorisme.

Lessons for ASEAN from the Former Indonesian Foreign Minister Dr. Marty Natalegawa

Monday, March 12th, 2018, the University of Sydney was visited by the former Indonesian Foreign Minister, Dr. Marty Natalegawa. He served as Foreign Minister from 2009-2014 and, in 2011, Indonesia was appointed as the Chair of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Between 2002-2005, he performed as the Director-General for ASEAN Cooperation in Indonesia’s Department of Foreign Affairs. He came to give his speech about ‘The Future of ASEAN’ in front of Australian and Indonesian officials, academics, and students at The Refectory, University of Sydney. As we know, ASEAN is still facing challenges and opportunities in the era of prompt geopolitical transformation, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. Also, the next day would be an important moment for ASEAN and Australia because both parties were welcoming the Special Summit. (more…)

PPI AUSTRALIA mempersembahkan Sembilan Gagasan Pelajar Indonesia di Australia atau “SEGARA” untuk Presiden Republik Indonesia

Berkaca pada kekayaan maritim Indonesia yang mengapit lebih dari 17.500 pulau, Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia (PPIA) sebagai perhimpunan pelajar Indonesia terbesar di dunia kembali mengadakan Indonesia Global Scholars’ Forum atau IGSF 2018 yang mengangkat tema Global Maritime Fulcrum: Assessing Indonesia Policies, Strategies and Position. Kegiatan yang diadakan pada tanggal 23-24 Februari di Perth, Western Australia ini merumuskan sembilan poin rekomendasi mengenai kemaritiman Republik Indonesia.


Music and Friends: Muhibah Angklung goes to Canberra

By: Qisthi Shafira

In Monday, 22 January 2018, you can hear the melody of Angklung, Indonesian musical instruments, around Pop Up Village in Australian National University. This is because a team of Angklung flies all the way from Bandung to do an Australian tour, and Canberra is where they perform that evening. The team is called Muhibah Angklung. They consist of around 42 high school students who are talented and believe in promoting Indonesian culture through music around the world. Having said that, Australia is not their only destination. Their instructor, Sang Maulana, mentions that they have performed around Europe to introduce Angklung to the world, such as 44th Aberdeen International Youth Festival in Scotland, 50th Westerlo International Folklore Festival in Belgium, 62nd International Folklore Festival in Czech Republic, and 48th International Festival of Highland Folklore in Poland.


PPIA Vision 2017: Be The Right Person in The Right Place

Have you ever thought about your career yet? What have you prepared so far? Today (14/10), PPIA Chapter Macquarie University and PPIA Chapter The University of New South Wales hold a seminar regarding how the young graduates succeed in the professional area. The seminar is called “PPIA VISION 2017”. The committee invites three keynote speakers from large corporations in Australia. They are Nugra Akbari from Telstra, Hendrik Lianto, and Kim Hwang from Certified Professional Accounting (CPA) Australia. This seminar started around 1 p.m. at Chemical Engineering M18 Building, The University of New South Wales, Sydney. (more…)