PPI AUSTRALIA mempersembahkan Sembilan Gagasan Pelajar Indonesia di Australia atau “SEGARA” untuk Presiden Republik Indonesia

Berkaca pada kekayaan maritim Indonesia yang mengapit lebih dari 17.500 pulau, Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia (PPIA) sebagai perhimpunan pelajar Indonesia terbesar di dunia kembali mengadakan Indonesia Global Scholars’ Forum atau IGSF 2018 yang mengangkat tema Global Maritime Fulcrum: Assessing Indonesia Policies, Strategies and Position. Kegiatan yang diadakan pada tanggal 23-24 Februari di Perth, Western Australia ini merumuskan sembilan poin rekomendasi mengenai kemaritiman Republik Indonesia.


Music and Friends: Muhibah Angklung goes to Canberra

By: Qisthi Shafira

In Monday, 22 January 2018, you can hear the melody of Angklung, Indonesian musical instruments, around Pop Up Village in Australian National University. This is because a team of Angklung flies all the way from Bandung to do an Australian tour, and Canberra is where they perform that evening. The team is called Muhibah Angklung. They consist of around 42 high school students who are talented and believe in promoting Indonesian culture through music around the world. Having said that, Australia is not their only destination. Their instructor, Sang Maulana, mentions that they have performed around Europe to introduce Angklung to the world, such as 44th Aberdeen International Youth Festival in Scotland, 50th Westerlo International Folklore Festival in Belgium, 62nd International Folklore Festival in Czech Republic, and 48th International Festival of Highland Folklore in Poland.